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Craniosacral Therapy

We begin by tuning into the fascia, offering the body as a whole a chance to release deep-seated tension patterns that no longer serve you. We will then use specific craniosacral techniques to release tight fascia around the brain and spinal cord for relief of pain and for a more healthy and vibrant craniosacral system.

For relief of chronic pain we recommend sessions on a weekly basis. For overall health and well-being we recommend sessions once a month.

Support for Students

Upledger Students who completed CS1

You will receive a 10-Step Protocol to help you integrate and apply the information you received in class.

Upledger Students who completed CS2

You will receive an Avenue of Expression Protocol to help prepare you for SER1 class.

Session Fees


60 minutes




75 minutes


90 minutes


Make An Appointment Today

(518) 495-0175

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